Best Crossword Apps for Android

Some of the best Crossword apps available on android devices/phones.

Crossword is an old puzzle game. Solving Crossword puzzles is a fun activity enjoyed by people all over the world. Here are some of the best Crossword apps for Android devices divided into two categories: Classic and Variation.


1. Crossword Puzzle Redstone

Dubbed as “the crossword lover’s dream app,” the first app on our list offers players with the classic gameplay that everyone loves, along with limitless customization. There is a plethora of options for different themes, hints, and even in-game settings which can vastly change how you play the game.

Crossword Puzzle Redstone is a vast archive of puzzles with varying stages that allow the players to play according to their strengths. It includes over 5,000 levels from some of the greatest minds in the industry, including puzzles from The New York Times, The Washington Post, The Wall Street Journal, and more. While there are in-app purchases that could make your experience a lot smoother, these are merely optional and are not necessary for you to fully enjoy the game.

2. Daily Themed Crossword Puzzles

For those who enjoy the freedom of being able to choose the theme of your Crossword puzzle, then this app is for you!

Daily Themed Crossword Puzzles categorizes its games into certain themes where players can pick which genre they feel like playing that day. Choose from a variety of options, such as music, sports, television, movies, and leisure, among many others. With 2,000 puzzles available and challenges that change daily, you’ll never run out of games to play.

3. English Crossword Puzzle

Here’s another highly rated Crossword app that stays true to the basics. English Crossword Puzzle keeps its interface simple and classic, making it easy for anyone to use. The controls are straightforward without any of the special gimmicks that most developers come up with nowadays.

The game also includes over 400 offline Crosswords for you to solve while on-the-go. There are fun patterns and puzzles of varying sizes to make sure that each experience you have is totally unique. Moreover, with the interchangeable color themes you can apply, it makes it all the more enticing to play!

4. New York Times Crossword

To end this list of top classic Crossword games to download, one cannot forget about the blueprint puzzle we’re all used to seeing at the back of every newspaper. New York Times Crossword is what’s considered the “og” source for playing Crossword.

Within the app, you’ll see the simple yet timeless design with easy-to-understand mechanics. Now, if you’re looking for more diversity in your plays, then you’ll be pleased to know that this app offers different themes and modes, as well. Apart from that, one thing you’ll find in this app are other popular games from the New York Times like Wordle and Spelling Bee.


1. Crossword Quiz

For those who are looking to spice up their Crossword experience, then Random Logic Games has got just the right game for you! Introducing Crossword Quiz, the game that deviates from the traditional gameplay while still providing you with some elements of the classic Crossword you know and love.

This game challenges its players to guess the answer based on a variety of clues available. These could range from photos, trivia, quotes, and so much more. There are 53 categories you could choose from, all with 10 levels each, which means you get to lose yourself in trying out all these puzzles.

2. Crossword Explorer

Crossword Explorer is a great way to introduce someone to the world of Crossword. It features calming and relaxing backgrounds, fun controls, and tons of levels and variations for people to play!

This game will surely entice you since it offers a new way to enjoy the classic Crossword puzzle. Here, players will have access to different categories, unlockable modes, and Crosswords in varying sizes to spice up your gameplay experience! As you continue to play, you’ll eventually unlock the leaderboard which adds a new level of excitement as you try to outsmart players from all over the globe.

3. Wordscapes

Now comes the ever popular Wordscapes. Many of you might have already heard of this game and are wondering why it falls under this Crossword category. It’s simply because of the way it’s formatted. The game shows you a Crossword-like board where you’ll have to guess each word based on the letter bank provided. It’s simple and offers a whole new twist to the classic game, deviating from the traditional hints that are usually given.

Wordscapes is a great game to get into if you’re looking to widen your vocabulary and practice your analyzing skills. The fun backgrounds and polished controls also add to the premium feel of the game, thus upping your overall experience. This game has hundreds of levels available to play, all of which increase in difficulty the more you go.

4. Codycross: Crossword Puzzles

Closing this list for best Crossword variation games available for download is Codycross.

Codycross is a fun game where players are tasked to travel to different worlds and solve a bunch of different puzzles per world. The app has a cute interface that just tempts the players to play more. The format of the puzzle is quite different than your usual game of Crossword, but the mechanics still remain the same.

Come explore new worlds and even visit new galaxies, when you play Codycross: Crossword Puzzles!

This page has listed some of the best android apps for playing crossword on your phone or tablet. However, you can also try some easy to play pen and paper games if you would prefer to take a break from digital devices.

Published on 08 Oct 2022
Author: Marinel

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