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Solve jumble/anagram word puzzles.

Jumble is a word puzzle which is played by scrambling the letters to make an anagram, based on some clue. Jumble Solver helps you solve such puzzles faster by using some clue such as scrambled letters or so.

What is Jumble ?

A Jumble or Scramble Word Game is a game where a mixed up set of letters are provided and you have to unscramble the letters to find the word. Sometimes, clues are provided to help you figure out the puzzle. Other times, all you have are the jumbled letters.

Jumble games involve the skill of solving anagrams. Anagrams are all the words that can be created with the letters of one word or phrase. The difference between an anagram and a word jumble is that with an anagram you start with an existing word and you jumble the letters to create new ones. With a word jumble puzzle, you start with a random scramble of letters and you have to find the word within the jumble.

These types of puzzles will help you develop your skills and get better at games like Words with Friends and Scrabble. In those games, you’re theoretically always solving a word jumble puzzle. You get a rack of 7 random letters and you have to unscramble the letters to find the best word for your turn. Solving word jumble games will sharpen your ability to unscramble words quickly and sufficiently.

How does the Jumble Solver work ?

You enter the jumbled/scrambled words and it tells you the possible words or answers, that can be made from those letters (think of it like a single word anagram). So, if you frequently play daily jumble (or similar word puzzle), this little site might come in handy when you're stuck for long, use it as a learning tool or to solve disputes among your friends. Or maybe you could use this to cheat (sometimes) and win :-)

Tips to Excel at Jumble Word Games

Whether or not the jumble word game your playing provides any images or clues, here are some tips to be an excellent puzzle solver.

Get to Know Prefixes and Suffixes

It’s incredibly helpful when solving a word jumble to first identify all the prefixes and suffixes. Some of the most common prefixes are:

  • ANTI-
  • INTER-
  • DIS-
  • DE-
  • NON-
  • SEMI-
  • PRE-

And some of the most common suffixes are:

  • -ES
  • -ED
  • -LY
  • -ING
  • -TION

Once you identify whatever prefixes and/or suffixes are in your jumble, it will be simple from you to solve the puzzle from there. It will help you easily identify the word lost within the scramble of letters.

Understand Common Letter Combinations

Noticing patterns of letters in words will help you quickly and efficiently solve jumble word puzzles. Once you identify these letter patterns in a puzzle, you will be able to quickly solve the puzzle after. Once again, this skill helps you when playing Words with Friends and Scrabble, too.

What patterns am I talking about? For example, look for double consonants like LL or SS, because there’s a good chance they might be together in the word. If there’s a Q, there is most likely a U, and that will also give you a jump start on the solution. Some other common patterns and letter combinations are ST, PH, and CK.

Use a Sheet of Paper

When it comes to solving word scramble puzzles, a piece of scrap paper can be a major help to you. When you write out the letters of the puzzle, it will help your brain make all the possible letter combinations to solve the puzzle. Also, writing helps cement the puzzle into your memory, so you will start to better understand patterns that will help you succeed at Words with Friends and Scrabble in the future.

Why It’s Great to Play Word Jumble Games

Aside from just being fun and mentally stimulating, solving word jumbles has a variety of other benefits. The consistent practice of noticing patterns of letters and words will help you be a better player in Scrabble, Boggle, Words With Friends, and more! Keep solving and playing jumble word games, it’s a fun and beneficial way to spend your time.


Here is a simple example to help you understand how this solver works. You enter elvi and hit the "Solve it" button. It will display the following words containing all the input letters.

  • evil
  • live
  • veil
  • vile
  • vlei

Note: The top row on jumble solver displays only the words matching exactly with the letters, except when you use the advanced options or if you make use of any blank tiles (represented by space or ?). Below that, you see words with all combination of letters (three letter and two letter words), you may use this text twist solver, that also unjumble words for for text twist, scrabble, words with friends etc or this one for solving crossword puzzles.

If the number of words are way less than expected on the finder page, please make sure you're not applying too much filter via advanced options. Some words might get filtered as offensive words and they're displayed separately at the bottom of the page.

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