Wordle Alternatives

List of some Wordle like puzzle games, inspired by Wordle.

Wordle is the new hit word game that was initially created as a personal project for developer Josh Wardle's girlfriend. Since its creation, and more importantly, since Josh added a social feature allowing players to share their scores with their friends and the wider internet, Wordle has taken the word game scene by storm.

By intentional design, players are limited to one game per day, with the answer being the same for everyone. The reasoning for this was that players would be able to have a fun yet stimulating challenge each day, much like completing a crossword or a sudoku puzzle in your local newspaper.

However, sometimes players have an itch to play a game they like. That's why crossword puzzle books exist, and the same reason developers who have created games remarkably similar to Wordle tend to include the ability to play as many times as you like.

We have curated a list of six games that might spark an interest if you enjoy playing Wordle. Not all the games on this list are carbon copies, but they all share certain similarities. So, if you don't get tired with solving Wordle, you may find these alternatives worth checking out.

Hello Wordl

Hello Wordl is a copycat of Wordle that takes the game to all new limits. With the same principle of having to guess a word in six attempts and receiving word-placement hints along the way, Hello Wordl differentiates itself from the original by allowing players to choose a word size.

Players can select a word of between four and 11 letters in length and get to choose a difficulty of either easy, hard, or ultra-hard. The first two difficulties contain the same rules as the original, but Ultra Hard forces players to move yellow letters away from where they were initially clued and removes the ability to replay greyed-out letters.

Play Hello Wordl


Originally aired as a TV game show in the 80s, Lingo is a word game that, despite airing over 30 years ago, has a striking resemblance to Worlde, and fans of the game show might be easily convinced that Wardle drew inspiration from the classic game when developing Wordle.

In Lingo, players are given the first letter of the five-letter word as a hint and are awarded points based on how many attempts it takes them to solve the Lingo.

Lingo sports high scores, unlocks, boosts, and other aspects that separate it from Wordle, including game modes such as racing against the clock and head-to-head battles with other players from around the world.

If you want to get involved in some Lingo action, you can head to the iOS AppStore to download the game on iPad or iPhone or the Google Play store for those with Android devices.

Word Master

Word Master is an open-source version of Wordle made available on GitHub by developer KathrineCodes and is practically a carbon copy of the original. The only tangible difference between the two games is that Word Master will allow you to toggle an easy mode that lets players make a guess using any five letters.

There is one other difference, though. Players who are all too eager to wait until midnight for the next word will be happy to find a 'Play Again' button on Word Master!

Play Word Master


WordGuessr is a Wordle clone that adds extra functionality. Players can choose a word between three and seven letters in length, but that’s not all! WordGuessr has a unique challenge feature, in which players can copy a code to send to their friends, allowing each player to play the same word and compete to see who can complete it first!

Even though everyone gets the same six attempts, adding a speed element into the mix really puts pressure on each player, and only those with the fastest minds will come out on top!

Play WordGuessr


It's the wordle for phrases. You have to guess the phrase of the day in six attempts.

Play Phrazle


It's the Wordle equivalent for maps. The player has to guess the country in six attempts by looking at the map highlighted in black colour. Good for learning a little about the world while having some fun.

Play Worldle

Few more options

  • Globle
  • Word Hurdle
  • Crosswordle
  • Nerdle
  • Wordle Unlimited

Note : If you want to get better at playing Worldle, have a look at some basic tips for playing Wordle.

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Published on 18 Aug 2022
Author: Jordan

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